Construction and safety

Appearance, comfort and safety were our main objectives when designing NIVE fance system. They were successfully accomplished owing to perfect parameters of aluminium and innovative sctructure of fances.

N® COVER All elements of nive fencing system are coated with a long-lasting anti-corrosion protection. Our fences are protected by means of chromate conversion coating used to passivate aluminium profiles. This layer improves corrosion resistance of the material without compromising mechanical performance. The surface is then powder coated. We use high quality powder coating manufactured by IGP and Akzonobel.

N® CONNECT The innovative structure and fixing of the fencing system is seamless. Lack of seam welding means no rust and perfect visual effect.

N® END The structure of fences warrants high level of safety. Components of NIVE system are edgeless and free from any dangerous ends. All joints are invisible and appropriately protected.

Nive fencing system is maintenance free. our fences are resistant to sun light, moisture, rain and snow. The original look can be maintained for a very long time.

After 10 years of use:

NIVE fence

Wooden fence