System components


Is a basic elements of each fence. Fencing design allows for various height and width of spans tailored to individual needs. Unique span fixing system and seamless jonts ensure high aesthetics and safety. Spans can be fixed either to stone or aluminium posts. Horizonal infill panels are made of various profiles allowing dor individual design ideas.

Height 100 – 2000 mm
Width 200 – 2500 mm


Aluminium post constitute an alternative to stone posts. They can be used for an overall fencing or as intermediate posts between stone posts.


Is a classic choice. In order to ensure appropriate stability and durability, the framework of swing gate is made of steel. Special reinforcement allows for assembly of virtually any automatic gate operator. High quality materials and workmanship ensures durability and faultless operation for a long time. Height and width can be adapted to your personal needs.

Height 700 – 2000 mm
Width 1400 – 5000 mm


Is a more modern solution to compliment modern style of adjacent fencing. A steel framework with a robust sliding rail of the gate allows for larger driveway. A slide gate is made as a self-supporting structure with a counterbalance that does not require the innstalation of the bottom guide rail in the ground, so the sliding is not hindered under difficult weather conditions. Each gate is equipped with a toothed bar allowing for assembly of virtually any automatic opener.

Height 700 – 2000 mm
Width 1000 – 5000 mm


Is an integral part of a fence. Steel framework is durable, stable and resistant to damage. Pedestrian gate may be equipped with variety of additional elements increasing comfort of use and contributing to its overall apperance, i.e. electric strike, one of the four types of pullers, aesthetic door handle or door knob made of stainless steel. It is equipped with hinges and top class lock made of stainless steel.

Height 700 – 2000 mm
Width 700 – 1500 mm